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Touch That Dial » Blog Archive » This is Going to Hurt: Touch That Dial’s Views on Rolling Stone

This is Going to Hurt: Touch That Dial’s Views on Rolling Stone

I’m not sure why people start writing blogs, or why I even started writing a blog, but I’m pretty sure some have ambitions of getting snatched up as some sort of underground knowledgable writer, that went against the system to become a distinguished rock n’ roll journalist for Rolling Stone or Spin or someone of the like. Sticking it to the “man”, by never going to journalism school, studying the media, or paying much attention to grammar. Not to say that I am an excellent writer, or ever claim to be that, in a recent interview when asked to describe my writing skills I said “they are at least practiced,” needless to say I didn’t get that particular job, but anyway. We all know Rolling Stone sucks, and we know its corporate, and we all saw Kurt Cobain wear his t-shirt on the cover, so it really isn’t a shock for me to say that I really think Rolling Stone is the steak through the eye, the deathblow have you, to all Rock n’ Roll critiquing. I remember back when The White Stripes released White Elephant and Rolling Stone gave the album it’s “prestegious five star” rating, one of my admittedly emo friends said to me “That means it’s going to be like a classic”, now I’m not goin to have this turn into a debate on my opinion on The White Stripes which I find to be mostly harmless and entertaining, but around the same time RS gave Bruce Springsteen’s The Rising it’s same five star rating. Which brings me to my first point about Rolling Stone, they polish the cock of nostalgia to a shimmering shine, this may have something to do with wanting the young folks of today to remember back to when they were writing something of meaning, when they had Lester Bangs, or they possibly do this to remind people that we were right about a lot of the time honored stuff we used to write about. That was then, jump forward to today where Rolling Stone basically drinks the blood of the fatted corporate calf, then throw in a liberal article about pot or Bush and they are supposed to be cool with the kids again. Everything is premeditated, it’s all for profits, I’m on to you Rolling Stone, I’m on to you.

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