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(Fixing) Kicking Television

I went out and bought me that Wilco Live album everyone is talking about yesterday, and when I got home I was mostly pleased. Sounds a whole heck of a lot better than these bootlegs of live shows (duh) I’ve been clutching on to for the past few years. I had only one gripe about the tracklist, there is no Kingpin. Kingpin is a song that was, well, pretty good on the album, but has become sort of a phenomenon in the Wilco setlist. As anyone knows that has listened to multiple Wilco bootlegs or live shows, in Kingpin lies the true character and uniqueness of the set usually turning into the time when Jeff Tweedy rants, cracks jokes, or just checks out how the crowd is doing, all in between mind bending screams from the audience. Anyway I have chose to include 4 of my favorite Kingpins here, enjoy.

Wilco - Kingpin - Live Chicago 10/30/2004

Wilco - Kingpin - Live Philadelphia 6/23/2005

Wilco - Kingpin - Live London 3/14/2005

Wilco - Kingpin - Live Tempe 11/20/2004

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