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Leisure, no suitsA few months ago I posed the question “What in the World Happend to Leisure“, a much talked about back in March of 2004 when they were selected for Pitchfork’s Top 5 Bands to Watch, a list that they unfortunatly didn’t continue in following years. Anyway, shortly after writing that article I got in touch with Jed from Leisure, and much to my disbelief discovered that they are basically just a bunch of kids, fresh off to college. He said there was much interest in the band following the pitchfork article, but due to several reasons, too few songs, not enough live shows, etc.. things sort of desolved for a bit, but now they are back! They recently recorded four more songs for a demo/EP in of all places Germany with none other than Gordon Raphael, who produced the strokes albums. Now you may be asking yourself “all this news sounds all good and wonderful, but how are the SONGS”, well my impatient fellow music elitist in short they rock, but don’t take my word for it. Kick back your latte, pull out your way-too-expensive earbuds and ENJOY!

UPDATE: Looks like I was reporting on some old info, turns out these tracks were not produced in Germany with superstar strokes producer, but due to financial restrictions, and a scorching drug habit that prohibits the band from leaving the country (ok, thats not true either), these tracks were instead recorded in a basement with a student sound engineer named Greg Griffin, explains the grit, but still quite impressive in my eyes, err umm ears. Thanks Jed.

Leisure - Monday, Monday, Monday

Leisure - Time of Day

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